Quest Knight Enterprises: Contract Vehicles & sUAS Flight Operations

Contract Vehicles

A large black and white flying device with orange circles

QKE sUAS Flight Operations

Based out of our Covington, Virginia office, QKE conducts testing and operations of multi-rotor (quad, hex, octo) sUAS and three categories of Fixed-wing sUAS platforms with a variety of sensor payloads, featuring our access to 3000+ forested, agriculture lands.

Modular, directional, portable 96’ runway for sUAS testing and operations

We are FAA Approved to operate UAVs/ Drones Legally!

We specialize in Aerial Photography, Surveying, and Mapping.

Also offering Crew Training and FAA Compliance Services for Public & Civil UAV/ Drone Operations.

Our Aircraft includes both Multirotor and Fixed wing platforms.

  • FAA Licensed Pilots
  • Fully Insured
  • Safety First Culture